Grease Trap Disposal

If you are a business owner, especially one who deals with food, then you know how critically important it is to have a dependable system to trap and dispose of grease. At Zero Waste, our grease trap disposal service has your business covered. We operate a dewatering facility in Jacksonville, Florida where we process sludge and grease trap waste for our customers.

Grease Trap Disposal

Today’s ever expanding urban environment has seen a large uptick in commercial developments. Restaurants, school cafeterias, and other food-service institutions that serve these areas produce millions of gallons of sludge and other liquid waste each day. There has to be a system, like sludge and grease trap waste dewatering, in place to handle this. Within wastewater, concentrated levels of contaminants build up. Naturally, there is a great concern over protecting the environment through disposing this kind of waste correctly.

A grease trap disposal service like ours is a tremendous help in keeping this type of waste in check. Our operations can assist in reducing waste volume, and changing the properties of that waste, to help facilitate safer disposal.

Our Waste Disposal System

Has been proven and tested by the top waste disposal teams in the world for years . Our dewatering process is the world leader in the environmental safe disposal of waste and sludge.

We welcome you to Compare Zero Waste for your Disposal Needs

We invite you to visit our facilities to see our operations up close. We also welcome owner-operators of pumping services to compare the ease and affordability of our disposal site. Working with us will help to increase your profit margins and income as you remove sludge and grease for your customers.

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