Why use our Disposal Site

Experience in our Process

Our manufacturer of Dewatering Equipment has over 50 million gallons of in-house waste sludge dewatering experience processing waste sludge, grease/grit trap, W.W.T.P. sludge, industrial, feed lots and others. Sludge volume has been reduced by up to 95% with reduced FOG, BOD, COD, and TSS levels.

We know what we are doing!


Advantages of our Process

  •  Solids will pass “Paint Filter Test” with repetitive levels of 18% to 22% solids.
  •  Reductions of FOG, TSS, BOD, COD using the A.D.S. process are possible.
  • the effluent/filtrate water is sewerable.
  • High processing rate of up to 450 gallons per minute per unit, more with our multiplex units.
  • Rapid Dewatering rate. usually overnight,  just a 24 hr process
  • We also produce Environmentally-safe fertilizer from our compost process

 ZERO- WASTE is the result as  your waste is “beneficially recycled” for our environment!


Availability of our Process

Things to consider are distance & availability of the disposal sites in your area.  Sometimes, disposal is cheap enough, but you might have to travel 60 miles — one way!

  • We are strategically located near you & main transportation routes
  • We have the most competitive prices in the industry.
  • Our business hours allow you to dispose when you need.
  • We don’t have quantity limits which will impede your ability to dispose.

If you can’t empty your truck, you can’t go do the next job!